Travel Trailers in Helper, UT

Do your adventures need a reliable companion? Here at Carbon Emery RV, we specialize in supplying travelers across Utah and the southwest with the perfect RV to fit their needs. Travel Trailers are an excellent option for anyone wanting to explore the roads less traveled. They are quick to hook up at full-service campsites, but also easily lend themselves to boondocking. Travel Trailers are unlike Fifth Wheels and traditional RVs because they come in a wide range of sizes that can be pulled by anything from a truck to a minivan or small SUV. They are truly a versatile home away from home that can often venture off-road with more ease than other types of recreational vehicles.

Types of Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers come in a host of sizes, from Pods that sleep two and can be pulled by a small SUV to 35-foot trailers with slides and every amenity of home. What you decide is right for your family depends on the type of camping you like to do and how many people you hope to sleep. Some of our favorite types of Travel Trailers are as follows:

  • Pod Travel Trailers- Looking for something sporty that's easy to get off the beaten path? Pod Trailers come in a wide range of sizes, and are often extremely light-weight and can be pulled by smaller vehicles. They are easily taken off-road, hold their value well and have a fun retro feel while still being fully modern.
  • Mid-Sized Travel Trailers- Best to be pulled by vehicles with a larger horsepower than Pod trailers, mid-sized trailers offer room to stand and comfortably move around, full bathrooms and often have multiple beds or sleeping arrangements. They can be lighter weight and perform better off-road than larger Fifth Wheels, but still have all the perks of a full-sized camper.
  • Large Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers- Want to bring some extra fun with you on the road? Travel Trailers that double as Toy Haulers give you the option to bring along some extra horsepower. Snowmobiles, ATVs and Go-Karts can all fit comfortably in the back of these trailers, and there's still plenty of room for the family to spread out. Large Travel Trailers offer the luxury of slides, many sleeping arrangements, a spacious kitchen and full sized bathrooms--all while being versatile enough to hitch up to your truck.

Buy New and Used Travel Trailers Today in Helper, UT

Carbon Emery RV has a large stock of both new and used Travel Trailers in a variety of options. We love to talk Travel Trailers and used RV sales, and would be pleased to help you decide what type of Travel Trailer best suits your needs. Call us today at 435-472-1000 to learn more about RV sales in Helper, UT.

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